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Stability, Security and Steady Town Management Approach


  • The robust local economy, with access to broad and diverse metropolitan areas

  • Effective town leadership, with substantial financial policies and practices under the Financial Management Assessment (MSA) methodology

  • Budgetary flexibility, with an available fund balance of 25% of operating expenditures

  • Very strong liquidity, with total government available cash at 44.3% of total governmental fund expenditures

  • Exemplary budgetary performance with balanced operating results in the general fund

  • Strong debt and contingent liability position, with debt service carrying charges at 6.4% of expenditures and 66.5% net direct debt of total governmental fund revenue, and low overall net debt, at less than 3% of market value


  1. Strategic Location – Centrally located along the I-95 corridor between New York and Boston, two of the Northeast’s largest cities.

  2. ​Highly-Skilled, Educated, and Productive Workforce – Connecticut has the 6th most productive economy.  Connecticut is also home to 40 leading colleges and universities. Branford’s talented workforce keeps employers globally competitive.

  3. Infrastructure to Support Business Growth – Availability of public water, sewer, and natural gas.

  4. Passion for Innovation – Expanding into bioscience, advanced manufacturing, insurance, and financial services, green technology, and digital media.

  5. With a history of financial stability - Branford has a AAA bond rating, and low taxes, which helps ensure businesses have access to a variety of resources, programs, and services to stimulate their continued success.

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Successful companies pick the best location for their business, but transformative companies pick the best location for their people.  The success of your business is determined by the quality of your workforce and their ability to adapt to new technologies fueled by innovation.

In Connecticut, we’re investing in our people to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to grow their skills, adapt to new technologies and thrive. Whether it’s in K-12 education, in world-class universities such as Yale and the University of Connecticut, or through workforce development and training programs, we’re investing in the future and removing barriers to success.

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