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Jamie” Cosgrove is running unopposed for the second time during his five-term tenure. 

BRANFORD — First Selectman James “Jamie” Cosgrove is running unopposed for the second time during his five-term tenure and says that while he has shepherded some big projects in town, there is still much work to do.


Cosgrove is one of four shoreline first selectmen who are unchallenged on his ten years in the top job, the quality of life in town, and the political climate in town government. The Republican candidate said he believes voters approve of his bipartisan approach.


“I attribute it to my style …just how I’ve approached the job,” he said. “I can work with everybody regardless of affiliation.


“When you’re in local government …it’s not about Republicans, Democrats, 

unaffiliated. It’s about the people of Branford, and that’s how I’ve governed since

day one,” he said.


When Cosgrove first came into office in 2013, he had his hands full with “a number

of projects that I wanted to be a part of, advancing forward.”

“And we have accomplished a number of those projects,” he added, “or on the way”

to achieve them.


Cosgrove pointed to the $88.2 million renovation and expansion of Walsh Intermediate School, the new community center, and the $12.1 million Joe Trapasso Community House, which also houses the Canoe Brook Senior Center, as success stories. 


“Those were some large projects that were started and completed in the last ten years,” Cosgrove said, noting the town has undertaken other ambitious projects, such as the new Dan Cosgrove Animal Shelter, named after his grandfather.


“We’ve really tried to focus on improving the overall quality of life,” he said, and “continue to make investments in our infrastructure.”

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