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Jazz On The Green Summer Series 2024

The Town of Branford is thrilled to share with you the exciting details of Branford's annual Summer Jazz Series on the Green, a cherished tradition that has graced our community for the past 15 years. Set against the backdrop of our picturesque New England town, this series has become a beloved staple of our summer calendar, offering a delightful array of musical performances throughout the months of July and August.

The Summer Jazz Series on the Green is a testament to our town's commitment to providing enriching cultural experiences for our residents and visitors. Here are some key highlights of this incredible event:

  • Musical Diversity: We curate a diverse lineup of jazz artists, ranging from local talents to internationally acclaimed acts each year.  Our aim is to celebrate the rich history and vibrant evolution of jazz.

  • Community Gathering: The series serves as a unifying force in Branford, bringing together people from all walks of life to enjoy music, laughter, and camaraderie. Families, friends, and neighbors gather on the green with their picnic blankets and lawn chairs, creating an atmosphere of togetherness.

  • Supporting Local Businesses: The charming ambiance of Branford's green is complemented by the many nearby shops, boutiques, restaurants, and coffee shops. During the Jazz Series, local businesses thrive as visitors explore the town's offerings before and after the performances. It's a win-win for both the community and our local economy.

  • Cultural Enrichment: The Summer Jazz Series enriches our cultural landscape, exposing residents and visitors to the world of jazz and its unique ability to tell stories and evoke emotions through music. It provides an educational opportunity for all generations to appreciate this timeless art form.

  • Family-Friendly: We pride ourselves in offering a family-friendly atmosphere where children and adults can enjoy the music. It's a great opportunity for parents to introduce their kids to the joys of live music in a safe and welcoming environment.

  • Summer Tradition: Over the years, the Summer Jazz Series has become a cherished tradition that brings a sense of continuity and excitement to our summers. It's an event we eagerly anticipate, marking the arrival of the warm months in Branford.

We invite you to join us this year on the green as we continue to celebrate the beauty of jazz and the vibrant sense of community that defines our town. We plan to make the upcoming Summer Jazz Series another unforgettable experience that adds to the tapestry of Branford's cultural life.

Stay tuned for the lineup announcement, and be ready to fill your summer nights with the soulful melodies of jazz under the stars.

    Summer Schedule 2024    

  • 6/27/2024 Dan Pugach Big Band

  • 7/11/2024: New London Big Band

  • 7/18/2024 ~ KJ Denhert

  • 7/25/2024 ~ Sherry Winston

  • 8/1/2024 ~ Willie Bradley

  • 8/8/2024 ~David Davis

  • 8/15/2024 ~ Jeff Kashiwa

  • 8/22/2024 ~ Blake Aaron

  • 8/29/2024 ~ Lao Tizer

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