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First Selectman James Cosgrove

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Sixth term leading town government

Discover Branford — a Sound location!

If you’re looking for a town that combines the comforts of the city but the spaciousness of a rural area, and the infrastructure to support your business then Branford, CT is a great town to look at. Not only is Branford a great town to buy a house or relocate your business in, but you’ll also enjoy its great beaches, as it’s one of Connecticut’s coastal towns. 


Enjoy the Thimble Islands as you take a ferry out for a relaxing day. Stroll through the historic downtown area, where you’ll see newly redesigned shops and restaurants along brick sidewalks. You can also enjoy world-class food right next door to a quaint ice cream shop.

Branford’s green is a great place to take the family for a day of outdoor fun. In the wintertime, you’ll see activities on the green with a beautiful classic New England background. The Academy in Branford dates back to 1820 and stands on the site of the meeting which established Yale University.

The town of Branford, CT was established in 1644. The town even contains a historical real estate landmark in the Harrison House and Museum from 1724. Take a tour of this piece of New England history and see their period furnishings and gardens.

Branford also has a bustling section of businesses, as Interstate 95 runs through the town and all along the Connecticut coastline. Route 1 also stretches across most of Connecticut. Many restaurant chains from across the country are represented on Route 1, so you’re never far away from popular restaurants.

Branford is a coastal town in Connecticut, but you can still find a nice home at a nice price. The real estate in Branford is plentiful, but you’ll easily find many homes in Branford that have a good amount of land for a family to play and grow in. If you’re looking for a good starter home, you’ll find many condominiums in Branford, as the town contains many condo complexes.

The town of Branford really is what Connecticut is all about: a combination of big-city luxuries and small-town family and business life. 

Discover Branford — a Sound location!

Key Demographics of Branford CT

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