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Worth The Wait Wings: Archie Moore's Finally Opens In Branford

Ellyn Santiago,
Patch Staff

Nov 8, 2021

After myriad delays, most attributed to the pandemic, the New Haven-based restaurant chain opened its Main Street location, and it was busy!

BRANFORD, CT — It's likely that diners will say it was worth the wait.

The popular New Haven-based chain Archie Moore's, well-known for its Buffalo wings, has, after delays from the pandemic, getting equipment, and myriad more obstacles, opened its doors Monday.

And the joint was jumping.

"It's been a long and winding road," owner Bob Fuchs told Patch. "It's been a challenge, but as the old adage goes, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I was close to shaking hands with St. Peter."

He was joking, sort of.

Let's go!

The original New Haven bar was opened in 1898 by Irish immigrant Archibald Moore. Fuchs would re-open it in 1982 as zoning issues had shuttered it, and he started serving Buffalo wings, first served in Buffalo in 1962 and which had become hugely popular.

Fuchs said that though there are locations in New Haven, Fairfield, Milford and Wallingford, "for 40 years, people have wanted us across the bridge."

Fuchs credits his partners in the Branford location, brothers Jonathan and Todd Ressler, for "putting this place together."

Archie Moore's is located at 988 Main St., Branford Center. Open until 11, the kitchen closes at 10:30.

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